December 24, 2009

Paul built our house in 2006. It is a little over 1700 square feet with basement and
attached garage. We were very satisfied with Paul's work. The project was done in a timely
manner although we did have some weather issues that slowed things a bit. We broke ground
in May and were moved in by the beginning of September. Paul was always very flexible with
any changes we wanted to the original plan, and offered his professional opinion and guidance
when necessary. He kept us very well informed of alterations and price changes as they
occurred. There were never any "surprises" in that area. He was always upfront and honest.
His integrity and character were outstanding, not something you find easily in the world today.
His craftsmanship was good and he did not delay in repairing/adjusting anything that did
not meet with his, or our, standards. We were given plenty of time to inspect his work before
we signed any final paperwork.
Paul had a good working relationship with all of the various inspectors and
subcontractors. We were happy with most of the subcontractors Paul suggested. Any issues
that came up were settled as well as could be expected.
We would not hesitate to hire Paul for any future projects and would highly recommend
him to anyone.

                                              Chris and Kathy Sheltrown
                                              West Branch, Michigan
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I have hired Paul Lademan Builders for several jobs and found them to be very
dependable and reliable.  Paul's workmanship has been A+.  We have not had a
problem with his quality. Paul is probably the first contractor that I have encountered
that was always on the job when he said he would be.  I have recommended him to
others in the past and would not hesitate to do so in the future.  Roy Elie
In 2008 I had a two story gambrel style garage built by Lademan Builders.
I was amazed at how quickly all of the work was done.  The construction
was of excellent quality, and done at a fair price.  Everything was
completed on schedule.  Even the county building inspector commented on
the good quality of the construction.  I would highly recommend Lademan

John Slanga
Mr. lademan built us a chalet.  We found out that not only was it less
expensive but built actual better than any other estimate.  Mr. lademan was
supportive and cooperative when several changes were needed.  we were
especially impress with his dedication to getting our home built in a
timelymatter and his attention to detail.  Mr. lademan will be doing our add-on
schedule in the future.
Hi Paul,
I want to tell you about my experience with you from the start to the finish of
this house.
some suggestions on improvements to my prints at no additional cost to me.
where the only contractor that offered me that option, Thanks.
You where easy to work with, my project did come in on budget, and you
keep a clean
job site. I thought your workmanship was very professional, you are a man
who takes
pride in his work. I remember the trouble I had with some shingles blowing
off I think
it was a year later and you are quit a distance from me I Thought I may not get
you to
but to my surprise you took a look at the area in question and told me that it
was a wind
issue and a manufacture issue, but you took care of it the same day. I tell all
my friends
about you. they say you are one in a million. I agree. take care
Al Brehmer
South Branch,MI
Thank you once agin for the fine job on my second garage addition
. As always, your work was excellent and completed ahead of
schedule.So nice to have someone who one can trust to be on
schedule,on budget,easy to work with and does good work.Your staff
pleasant and do a great job of cleaning up after themselves,something
I really appreciate. Nothing worse than having a big mess to clean
after workman leave.

Thanks Again
Michael R Shaner
Paul Lademan built a house for my husband and I in
Cummings Twp. a few years ago. We have been trying to sell
another house in the same area so we can build a house on
Paul Lademan built a house for my husband and I in Paul
again. Everyone said to build that far away from where
Cummings Twp. a few years ago. We have been trying to sell
our permanent address is, that would be so hard. Paul did
another house in the same area so we can build a house on
everything for us, he built the house with such amazing
Cranberry Lake When this goes through we are going to use
workmanship I thought he believed it was his own home. He
got all the additional contractors arranged with no help on our
end down here. In the winters the house holds the heat so
well and in the summers the air conditioning is used minimal
to keep comfortable climate. This tells you how wonderful the
construction is. We recommend him fully and I know that you
will enjoy your new home with him building it.
Thank you,
Jane and Michael Lawson December 31, 2009

Paul J. Laderman Builders, Inc. constructed a 26' x 26' garage for me a couple years ago at
Forest Lake.
Paul was easy to work with and didn't simply build a garage. He provided critical input to
determine the optimum size of the garage based on my needs and also location of the garage
based on easy access points and limited lot space. The garage has a large second floor for
storage and woodworking.

Any changes I requested prior to and during construction Paul was very accommodating to
make these changes. The project was on time and within budget.

Many neighbors have commented positively on the garage design, appearance, and
craftsmanship. I love it, and believe it or not, so does my wife.

Without a doubt any future work at Forest Lake, Paul will be the first person I call.

Curtis A. Karaban
Our house was built by Lademan Builders Inc in 2008.  Paul Lademan and a crew of 3 completed
the rough in and cabinetry.  We subcontracted the plumbing, heating, insulation and drywall, after
which time Paul returned and completed the trim work.  We were able to move into the house in
February of 2009. Their work is of excellent quality.  The crew maintained high standards of
workmanship and the job sight was kept neat and clean.  Paul’s quote remained the same through
completion.  The only additions to the quote were changes to the blue print made by us.  We would
highly recommend Lademan Builders Inc. to anyone looking for new construction or remodeling.  
Lademan Builders Inc. took the fear and dreaded headaches out of building a new house.

David and Jackie Kolasa
Onaway, Michigan
To whom it may concern:

If you are looking for an honest, reliable, and knowledgeable contractor who will supply
superior quality work at a reasonable price, Paul Lademan is the contractor for you.  Paul
recently completed a new home construction for my husband and I, and we couldn’t have
been happier with the process or the end product.  Our new 2500 square-foot home is
exactly what we dreamed it would be, and Paul made it all happen.

Some of the best qualities that Paul Lademan possesses are his honesty and reliability.  My
husband is an electrician, who is very familiar with most of the contractors in the area and
the type of work that they do.  When we decided to build, he immediately said that Paul
would be our builder.  He knew that Paul would do what he said when he said he would do
it, would not nickel-and-dime or extra- us to death, and would be up front in his
communication with us throughout the building process.  That is exactly what happened.

In addition to maintaining the utmost integrity, Paul Lademan also made the entire home
building process (which I’ve heard from other home-owners can be very stressful) relatively
hassle-free.  Paul was extremely organized, easy to get in touch with, and had the trade
knowledge necessary to answer all of our questions and help us with the assortment of
decisions that we needed to make concerning our new home.  He was so reliable that we
could trust him with the details, and we knew that everything would get done properly
without us watching over his shoulder.

My husband and I could trust Paul Lademan completely is because of his extensive
knowledge and his focus on quality.  Paul knows the best subcontractors, suppliers, and
materials.  He doesn’t forget that there is a budget, but he doesn’t compromise quality
either.  From which subcontractor’s drywall seams hold up the best over time to which
house wrap provides the best wind and temperature barrier, Paul knows it all.  I couldn’t
think of a better person to trust with an investment as big as building a new house.

If the abundance of great qualities mentioned above aren’t enough to convince you, allow
me to give you a few other reasons that Paul Lademan is the best man for your construction
job.  Paul listened to us and did not grumble about the changes I asked for along the way.  
(For instance, I initially said I didn’t want soffits above the kitchen cupboards but changed
my mind later.  I also insisted on a sump pump in the crawl space even though it was
probably sufficiently above the water table.)  Paul kept us up to date on what was going on
at all times.  It began with a comprehensive pre-build binder and continued with consistent
communication about what decisions we needed to make when and what stage of the
building process would be coming next.  Finally, Paul stayed right on track with the timeline
and the budget.  What more could you ask for?

It is with absolutely zero hesitation that I recommend Paul Lademan for your construction or
remodel project, whether big or small.  Unquestionably, he is best in the business.  If you
have any questions, please feel free to contact me (or my husband).  We would be glad to tell
you more about the wonderful experience we had working with Paul.

Katrina (and Mark) McCauley