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Paul J Lademan
We cover the Northern Lower Peninsula and the Eastern  
And Central Part Of The U.P.

Paul Lademan Builders, Inc. is a family owned and operated
business that started in 1995.
After years in the Construction field, I was determined to give
people a better product than what I was witnessing being built.
We specialize in Stick built custom homes, from your
get-away cottage or starter home, to your retirement home or
that dream home you have always wanted.
We make our goal to work very closely with our customers to
have them involved as much or as little as they wish in their
project.  We are a full turn-key company, providing all permits
and contractors to complete your project.  At the end of your
project we provide you with waivers from all contractors that
have done work on your project, so you can be reassured that
everything and everyone is paid.
We are not a production Building Company(just to get the job
done as quickly as possible and get on to the next job).  We
use very high quality building practices.  Quality is always
our first concern.  The building materials that will go into your
project are quality products.  All lumber is hand checked to
make sure they are straight and true.  
Our job sites are kept picked up and clean because we want
our job, your project, to look nice for you and anyone who
may see it.  To us, keeping the job site clean reflects how we
care about the whole project.  It also makes it safe for anyone
who may be on the job or stop by to see it.
We have received many compliments on how we go in and
get the job done.  We don't start a job and work for a few
days, then go to work on another job for a few days.  We stay
on your project to keep things moving along and get all our
sub contractors in to do their work in a timely manner.  We
stay on the job so we can get it done in a shorter time frame
than other companies who want to start several projects just
to tie them up.  We will have your home project done in a few
months instead of 6 months to a year or longer.
If you don't have home plans, we will be more than happy to
sit down with you and see what your goals and needs are and
come up with exactly what you want.  Just bring in some
ideas on paper and we will turn it into your new home.  We
have a large client base that we have done a lot of repeat
work for.  That is why 75% of our work is referral work.  We
don't try to sell you or push something you don't want, we let
you tell us what you want.

                Paul J Lademan

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